To register death and birth within the limit of Municipal Council, Bahadurgarh .
To issue death and birth certificate to the concerned


The Haryana Municipal Act, 1973 as amended from time to time.

Issuance of Birth and Death Certificate:

Process Scope:
The purpose of this procedure is to define the methodology followed for issuance of Birth and Death Certificate.
Process Input: 
Issue of Birth and death certificate.
S.No Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No)
1. Any applicants submit their applications in prescribed format for registration /certificate of Birth & Death in the o/o Registrar Birth & Death i.e E.O/Secretary of Municipal Council. In the absence of Secretary of the Council is exercising the power of Registrar Birth & Death. E.O/Secretary Any working day Prescribed format As per Govt. Rule
2. All the Birth & Death certificate prepared by the official of CMO, Jhajjar with the help of M.C Staff Registrar Birth and death 7 Days As per Govt. rules
3. All prepared Birth & Death certificates signed by Registrar birth and death E.O/Secretary Any working day Certificate
Process Output: 
Issuance of Birth and Death certificate after preparation by the CMO staff.
Process Review Criteria:
To review birth and death registration register monthly basis.