Functions of Sanitation branch

Sanitation Branch -> Cleaning of roads, drains
-> Removal of garbage’s, street dogs
-> Management of solid wastes
-> Cleaning of public latrines, urinals
-> Major of out dangerous of epidemic disease
-> Disposal of dead animal/ unknown dead body
-> Restriction and prohibitive sale of adulterations
-> Prevention cruelty to animals
-> Regulation of slotted houses/meat market

Sanitation wing headed by the Chief Sanitary Inspector

S.No Functions Section
Surface cleaning of roads, streets including lanes and by lanes. The Haryana Municipal Act, 1973 as amended from time to time
Collection and removal site, shrub, tree stem, dry leaves etc. on the road and footpath.
Collection and removal of litters, animal wastes, plastics, rubber and other wastes.
Supervise the activities of door to door refuse collection and its transportation to the solid waste management plant or disposal site.
Supervise slaughter houses
Make round of the town to check unhygienic food product like cut fruits, vegetables, and meat etc.
Collection and removal of debris, road silt, cutting base etc. from footpath road margin and garbage collection point.
8. Drain out the water stagnating at points either on the road or low lying areas due to rains leakage, breakdown of pipes and main holes etc.
Carry out disinfection by spraying mixture of bleaching powder and lime at the points meant for collection of garbage after lifting the garbage and ensure the lifting of garbage within 24 hours.
Maintain acne of land, buildings, machineries, plants and stores intended for the use of sanitation department and maintenance of register and stock book as laid down in the Municipal account code in which these items may be entered.
Supervise the sanitary staff placed under his charges and transfer any of his subordinate staff from one place to another in the area as exigencies of efficient working may require.
To attend complainted regarding stray dogs/cattle.
Regulation of public utility services such as Toilet, urinals etc.
Provision for placement receptacles, Depots and places for rubbish etc.
Demolition of building unfit for human habitation and insanitary huts and sheds.
Obligation to give information for dangerous disease.
Disposal of infected articles.
To call for information regarding burning and burial ground.
Permission for the use of new burning or burial ground.
Permission to close of burning and burial ground.
Crimination of unclaimed human dead bodies.
Registration and control of dogs.
Regulation of meat market.
Boucher/Fisher mongers and poulterer’s license.
Seizer of animals.
Prohibition of Nuisances.

Cleaning of roads, drains, Cleaning of public latrines, urinals

S.No Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
To accurate the sanitation system in a better way the whole city has been divided into 23 Zones out of which the sanitation of 13 Zones is being done by the regular staff of the Council and The sanitation job for 10 Zones has been give to contractor for getting the sail job from his own employees. Chief Sanitary Inspector Daily
Council appointed One Safai Daroga for every Zone to control of the attendance of Safai Karmchari for both shift. Safai Karmchari do their job daily & put the solid waste at the appropriate place of their concerned area Safai Daroga/ Safia Karamchari Daily
The job of lifting of solid waste is divided in 6 Zones which is also given on contract. Contractor /CSI
The contractor after lifting the solid waste dumped in the dumping ground near drain No.8 &  Village and same is leveled by JCB Machine & further ‘Mithayal Painathin’ is sprinkle on the Solid Waste. CSI /Contractor Weekly JCB/
For lighting the dead bodies of stray cattle contract has been given. The contractor has opened his contact office in old Subzi Mandi. Contractor/ CSI
On register is maintained by sanitation branch for dealing with public complaints  and is attended by employees who enter every complaint in the register. Complaint Clerk 24 Hours Compliant Register
All the complaint is being dispraised off within 24 Hours with regard to sanitation job. CSI One day

Removal of garbage’s, Care of street dogs

S.No Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
1. Stray cattle & Street dogs are being caught by the authorized persons of the Council after the receipt of compliant and proper entry is made in the register. CSI/Complainant At the time of complaint Complaint Register
2. Stray cattle’s are shifted to Gaushala and the stray dogs are let off to far station out of the city & entered in to the register. CSI as per complaint Cattle caught register
3. Payment for taking care & feeding grass for stray cattle’s is being done by the Council as per rate fixed by Gaushala. Commissioner/ CSI Payment register
4. The job of picking up the dead animal bodies is being done by the contractor at once after the receipt of complaint and proper entries are made in the register. Contractor/ Complaints 6 Hours of compliant Compliant Register
5. Information regarding unknown dead bodies is given by police officer and funeral disposal is being done by CSI after proper entry made in the register. CSI Same day Dead body receive register
6. Issuance of dog license to the dog owner after receiving application in prescribed forms. JC/MO/CSI seven working day as per the bye law

Management of solid wastes

S.No Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No)
1. The Council has already given contract for the works of sanitation job regarding solid waste. CSI / SI Daily
2. Periodically contract condition are evaluated and wherever there is any deviation, penalty / appropriate steps are imposed on contractor CSI As per contract conditions.

Restriction and prohibitive sale of adulterations, Disease, Major of out dangerous of epidemic, Prevention cruelty to animals

S.No Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
1. A special visit is being done by CSI from time to time to avoid restriction and prohibitive sale of adulterations in Council area and visit is entered into the visit register CSI Time to time Visit register Form No.
2. If some epidemic disease is spread in the city , information is given to CMO immediately and the required medicinal spray is being done by the Heath section of the Council and entered in to the spray register CSI Time to time Spray Register