Process Scope:

The purpose of this process is to apply for the registration of marriage.
To define the method of marriage registration process.

Process Input:

Submission of application under Haryana Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act, 2008.
Haryana Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act, 2008.
This Act in the Provision of provisions pertaining to the provisions of the provisions of the Provisional Regulations of Marriage Act, 2008 has been enforced in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of the Regulation of the Registrar Marriages and after expiry of 90 days till 365 days the marriage will be registered by District Registrar of Marriages -cum-SDM and in cases beyond 365 days the case file will be sent to Chief Registrar of Marriages cum Special Secretary, Government , Home Department, Chandigarh for approval
A marriage solemnized before 16th July 2008 can also be registered under the said Act.
1. Competent Authority to Register and issue the Marriage Certificate in the Municipal council, Bahadurgarh area.
EO/Secretary, Municipal Council, Bahadurgarh is the Registrar of Marriages in Municipal Council, Bahadurgarh area.
Registrar of Marriages is the competent authority to register a marriage, which is either a solemnized in the jurisdiction or is one of the bride / her parents or bridegroom / her parents. The Marriages after 16 July, 2008 and applied for registration after 90 days to 365 days of solemnization, permission of the District Registrar of Marriages with SDM, Bahadurgarh and after 365 days of sanction, permission from Chief Registrar of Marriages cum Special Secretary to Government Haryana, Home Department, Chandigarh also will require.
2. Submission of Application: –
Application can be submitted in the office of Registrar of Marriages-cum-EO/Secretary, Municipal Council on any working day.
3. List of documents required for marriage registration:
(a) Application Draft – 1
(b) Five joint photos of 3 “x 2” size in wedding dress without bride and groom.
(c) Proof of marriage (any one)
(i) Two photos of marriage
(ii) Certificate given by a religious institution or priest who has been married.
(iii) Nikah Nama
(iv) Gurdwara Certificate
4. On registration of marriage registration within 90 days, after the payment of Rs. 100 / -, from 90 days to 365 days (one year), after the payment of Rs. 250 / – and 365 days (one year), 300 / – You have to pay fees. All registration fees are to be paid to the Chief Registrar, council Registrar, Municipal council Bahadurgarh, 0070-01-800-99-51 or cash, bank draft / postal order, top other receipts of the public exchequer.
The fee shall be Rs. 100 / – for submission of application for Marriage Registration within 90 days, Rs. 250 / – between 90 days to 365 days (One Year) and Rs. 300 / – after one year of the marriage. The fee will be deposited in the Govt. Treasury under Head “Receipt 0070-01-800-99-51” or through Cash, Bank Draft / Postal Order in the Marriage Registrar, Municipal council, Bahadurgarh.
5. Self declaration to be furnished by Two witnesses (One each from Bride and Bride Groom) with Permanent Address and ID Proof.
6. For age (any one)
(i) Birth certificate
(ii) School certificate (fifth, eighth, tenth grade)
(iii) Driving license
(iv) Passport
(v) In case of sr no i have iv is not available, self affidavit with medical certificate be furnished indicating age.
7. For the purpose of residence and identity of bride and bridegroom (one of the following)
(i) Driving license
(ii) Passport
(iii) Ration card
(iv) Voter ID Card
 (v) BPL Card
 (vi) Domicile Certificate
8. After applying for registration after 90 days of marriage, affidavit verified by notary public or magistrate explaining the reason for delay.
9. In the event of marriage of an Indian citizen in India, a person resident of the embassy of that country, in the event of a person being resident of a foreign domicile, the residence certificate of the person.

Process Output:

1. Issue of Marriage Registration Certificate
2. Monthly review

Process Review Criteria:

1. Issuance Marriage Registration Certificate within 07 working days by Registrar of Marriages
2. Issuance of Marriage Registration Certificate within 21 working days who apply for 90 days but before 365 days of solemnization of marriage.
3. Monthly review of pending marriage papers.